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About Us

We @ Hotedin are focused on connecting the right people with each other. Driven by a passion for hospitality, we focus on outstanding outcomes. Founded by experts, who together have accrued more than 30 years of experience in the Hospitality and IT industry, we want to overcome the impersonal application and selection process endemic to the hospitality industry.

Our idea is to integrate into the process a video tool

that enables us to create a personal human connection and that enables candidates to present their soft skills and personality, a key success factor in our industry. With excellent links to hotels and academic institutions, we offer both a pool of qualified talents and an attractive range of popular employers. In 2016, we were selected for the final round of the start-up competition Brentford Dragons Den sponsored by the University of West London.

Your time is your most valuable resource

that is why people cherish their smart phones and smart televisions, any smart product really, any product that can simplify their lives and save them time in the long run. Job portals, in their wide variety, have helped to save businesses the world over time and in turn money, but there are many technological innovations on the horizon yet.

With Hotedin

we want to simplify the work that HR managers do in trying to recruit fresh talent. To this end, we are focusing on the most important trend in hiring, regardless of industry: targeting. Recruitment agencies would no longer even consider wasting their time sifting through one CV after another or posting an advertisement for a job. Today, recruiters expect automation to some degree.

Our Clients

what you need to know

  • Flemings Mayfair

  • Accor Hotels

  • Jumeirah

Video CVS

Hotedin, a group which has more than 30 years of Hospitality and IT experience, is bringing hiring automation to the next level by incorporating several exciting new features. These include

  • Video CV, in which candidates can express themselves and make a personal impact on the recruiter.
  • A higher degree of organization with regards to hospitality industry skills, making a shortlist that is fast and accurate
  • Relevant questions for prospective employees, streamlining the entire information collection process.
  • Frequently updated blog about all our progress.
  • Support of an IT specialist who will make all the difference.

With Hotedin, you can count on a greater awareness of who it is that you are considering for your positions. That is going to create real results in your business, because you are going to end up with a curated staff that borders on perfect.

With an integrated marketing strategy, Hotedin have made its presence known across the Hospitality Industry. Hiring managers and other professionals all around the country are realizing what a game-changer Hotedin is in the world of hiring.

Welcome to Hotedin!

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